You have fitness goals. We have the facility and the instructors to make them a reality--for any age and fitness level.

There is nothing more important than good health. That’s why we believe there are NO shortcuts to REAL physical fitness. The secret to staying fit is finding what works best for you. Whether that is group fitness classes or one-on-one personal training sessions, Core and More Fitness has the programs and tools to help you find the active, healthy lifestyle you’re searching for.  

Remember, weight loss and fitness are NOT numbers on a scale. We’ll teach you to worry less about the scale and more about how your body moves and functions as a way to measure your health.

Our Team

Our Mission


Chris Prevatte
Born and bred for adrenalin and sweat, Chris earned a fitness management degree from Barton College. He is committed to helping clients reach their fitness goals and live an active, pain-free life. He has helped clients overcome mobility and balance issues by focusing on flexibility and core strength, enabling clients to regain strength and endurance for everyday activities and beyond.  He is the perfect fit for individuals who are finishing physical therapy but want to continue the training process for not only healing of injury, but their whole physical well being.  Chris is creative and focused when training clients and wants to see all of his clients improve their quality of life!

Get what you need from those who know how to provide it.

Stacey Bridges
 Stacey has led an active life.  Swim team, softball, soccer and field hockey were all part of her chilldhood . By nature, she is an encourager, a mentor, and a teacher. As a trainer at Core and More Fitness, Stacey combines her love of exercise with her motivational spirit to help you reach your fitness goals. With her hands-on personality, Stacey will often join you in your personal training session, showing you the proper form of movement and function of the muscles you work.  Along with personal training, Stacey’s other passion is leading group fitness classes. “I love the energy and dynamic of group fitness.  Here at Core And More, we are family.  There are all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels in our classes.  This is a no judgement place.  I promise you will have fun and see positive results!”